Video available: Zero-Defect Manufacturing Landscape: State of PlaY

Digital Event, 2021


Watch a recording of the digital tech talk

This digital event was organized by the 4ZDM Cluster, a European initiative which aims to promote the adoption of Zero-defect production and quality control systems by the industry.

Watch the video with talks by DAT4.Zero partners such as SINTEF, Ideko, and Politecnico de Milano.

The main goals of the event were:

  • To offer an industrial perspective of the current progress at EC-funded ZDM projects.
  • Quick update of last ZDM projects with new enablers for the digital transformation (digital platforms, AI, data analytics, blockchain).
  • Progress on the definition of the vision/paradigm/architecture for the ZDM scenario, with minimal scraps/waste, and matching with the digital/green transitions – Advancing on the “right at the first time and always right” goal.
  • Quick contrast of ZDM visions & opportunities with EC, EFFRA and Manufuture, in between two European R&I Framework Programmes (H2020 and Horizon Europe).

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