Industrial Pilots II, Automotive, Bosch

Bosch fuel injector use case

About Bosch

The Bosch company has a comprehensive product portfolio and extensive expertise in all types of powertrain solutions. In a car, the powertrain is an engine or electric motor which drives the vehice. The production plant in Homburg, Germany represents the lead plant for the manufacturing of diesel injectors for commercial vehicles.

Goals for the project

  • To create an intelligent function available through the application of statistical design of experiments. The model describes the function “injection quantity per stroke” as a function of the manufacturing deviations of the components considered and enables a validated prediction of the injection quantity as a function of the installed components.
  • Development of a function-oriented meta model to assess manufacturing deviations
  • Adaptive cross-machine control strategies to compensate manufacturing deviations outside of the tolerances  
  • Knowledge formalization for the transfer of solutions to other process chains and rapid line reconfiguration and qualification  
  • System-level quality control loops based on in-line measurements and integrated strategies
  • Fast transferability of the model structure/method to other products