Industrial Pilots V, Machine, FERSA


FERSA Bearings is a Spanish multinational company involved in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of high-quality complete bearing solutions.


The challenges of the FERSA company are developing the manufacturing process of high precision Bearings, with tighter tolerances, high efficiency and no maintenance, at a lower cost and ensuring their premium quality.


  • Implementation of a multi-sensor network for sub-micrometric topography measurement data in the multi-stage process chain.
  • Integration of in-line measurements with virtual sensors for vibration analysis.
  • Data mining approaches for traceability, integrity verification and reliability of data.
  • Development of Digital Twin for process analysis (failure patterns and dimension prediction) and knowledge formalization and transfer.
  • Demonstrate system-level CPS for ZDM to achieve rapid and efficient change of products, personalization and optimal and robust process parameters control. This control will also consider real time compensation of vibrations and temperature to avoid waviness and burns.