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About DentsplySirona

SIRONA Dental Systems GmbH is a part of the Dentsply Sirona company group, one of the world largest manufacturer of dental products and technologies for dentists and dental technicians.


Dental handpieces achieve Speeds of up to 200.000 rpm and require high- precision micro-gear components with very small dimensions and tolerances. This results in high demands on development, manufacturing and assembly process.


  • The overriding goal is to use adaptive, cross-process production strategies and quality control loops to meet the increased quality demands of high-precision components while reducing production costs caused by unnecessary added value
  • Selective assembly strategies for the pairing of micro-gear components
  • Implementation of new and extension of existing measurements of critical characteristics
  • Definition and collecting of additional relevant process data
  • Multi sensor network (data structure, data fusion, integrity test, evaluation)
  • System- level quality control loops based on measurement data and integrated strategies
  • Traceability of data along the process chain
  • Knowledge formalization for transfer of solutions to other process chains and rapid line reconfiguration and qualification