Project goals


Today’s manufacturing industry is in constant need of finding new ways to enhance processes so they can improve quality and minimise defects and costs. The EU-funded DAT4.ZERO project will develop a Digitally-enhanced Quality Management (DQM) system to prevent faults. With the use of smart, dynamic feedback and feed-forward mechanisms, the project will contribute towards zero-defect manufacturing in smart factories. The DQM system combines smart sensors and actuators with existing large data sets to monitor process parameters such as temperature and vibration during machining operations to ensure correct quality outputs .New measuring equipment will also be used to collect data that will feed into intelligent decision-support to optimise manufacturing in smart factories and their ecosystems, which are characterised by smart logistics operations.

Our primary goal is to eliminate manufacturing defects in highly dynamic, high-value, high-mix, low-volume production contexts. By doing this, we realize near-zero defect level of manufacturing (ZDM) for the European industry.

Increasing equipment productivity

Less scrap leads to lowered costs and reduced prices.

Reducing ramp-up time

Greater flexibility and the possibility of customisation will better meet customers demands.

Decreasing time-to-market of products

Products will be produced and delivered quicker. Rapid line reconfiguration and qualification allows companies to shorten the manufacturing timeline.

Increasing product quality

Fewer defects means that products will have higher quality. Data-driven precision robotics will ensure reliable manufacturing.