Industrial Pilots I, Automotive, Benteler

Benteler Automotive Raufoss (BENT) is part of Benteler group and supplys customers with crash management systems as well as structural and chassis parts with an annual turnover of 200 MEUR.


ZDM assumes defect-free incoming material which can, at this moment in time, be challenging for automotive manufacturing with huge networks of suppliers and sub-suppliers which in majority operate at a four-sigma-level.

Benteler’s use case will use digital information of incoming material to adjust and control the downstream process to the potential deviations and non-conformities of incoming goods in real-time so, that the final product meets customer requirements fully first time every time.


  • Implementation of in-line measurements of critical characteristics
  • Real time simulation of critical characteristics by means of digital twins
  • Data fusion and integrity check of sensor-based measurements
  • Identification of propagation patterns, defining possible corrective actions on later stages
  • Knowledge formalization of critical processes for rapid qualification of new products
  • Traceability of data along the process chain for reliable and effective control actions
  • System level analysis for product routing to increase production capacity and equipment utilisation within existing line setup