Our participation in the webinar: Data Governance for Smart Manufacturing

Webinar replay

Data Governance for Smart Manufacturing

On the 15th of September we participated together with InterQ and i4Q in the “Data Governance for Smart Manufacturing” webinar that was coordinated by ZDMP. Several aspects were discussed such as legal aspects, data quality, data governance and tools to support Data Governance implementation.

Topics that were discussed:

  • ZDP: Data Governance in the ZDMP Project and Regulatory framework for Data Governance in Smart Manufacturing
  • InterQ & DAT4.Zero: A Systematic Review of Data Quality for CPS, IoT, or Industry 4.0 Applications and how InterQ & Dat4.ZERO are filling in the gaps (Phu Nguyen, SINTEF)
  • InterQ: Data Management and Governance (Karl Johan Pedersen, DNV)
  • i4Q: Data Management in the i4Qproject and i4Q tools that support Data Governance implementation

Webinar replay

Watch the entire webinar in Data Governance for Smart Manufacturing here, or on YouTube:

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