The DQM Core platform 


Stefano Borgia, 04/04/2024 

DQM Core Solution

Remote management of data (on cloud, in premises, etc.) is one of the main issues affecting companies in industrial sector. Current goals in Industry 4.0 paradigms include the needs of managing IIoT data with applications at the edge and cloud level, sharing machinery/production data in real-time, and providing persistency, later retrieval, filtering, and immutability of data.

All the requirements – basic elements for diagnostics and prognostics functional to ZDM and Quality 4.0 – have been addressed by DAT4.ZERO project with the DQM Core solution, jointly developed by Holonix Srl and TIAG (TTTech Group) with a further contribution of ITAINNOVA.

DQM Core consists of an IIoT hardware & software platform designed for industrial environments with set of features providing a secure foundation for managing software, data, and devices. The Edge Hosting module allows to run multiple applications in the form of docker containers and virtual machines side-by-side on a certified industrial hardware at the edge and manage them remotely from the cloud. Data Service module supports the creation of analytics and visualization applications with moving data between sensors and the cloud.

Remote Service module enables remotely connection to workloads and devices in the field. Soft PLC module can be used to run machine control workloads on the industrial hardware and access fieldbus-level sensors and actuators. Cloud Data Management layer enables communication between different IT modules, big-data management (long term time-based data storage, data streaming platform, data interoperability, metadata, and annotation), monitoring of machinery and industrial assets. The add-on Cloud Blockchain component can submit transactions to the Ethereum Rinkeby testnet with the purpose of storing the hash of machine and process data, ensuring the existence of proof for data protection.

A first validation of the proposed solution has been successfully performed at Fersa Bearings S.A. facilities, addressing the management of the data of three Nova grinding machines in a more extensive context of predicting and preventing failures with optimal grinding parameters.

For further info about DQM Core, please write to (Stefano Borgia, Holonix Srl).

About Holonix SRL

Holonix is a private Italian company, specialised in ICT solutions for the manufacturing domain. The company has extensive experience in collecting, aggregating, analysing data from multiple sources and make them available for the development of a complete digital representation of the working environment, and for the monitoring, control and maintenance of the production assets.
In DAT4.Zero, Holonix will ensure the DQM platform development; Holonix tool, I-Like Machines (ILM), will be used in order to gather data from machines and from end user interactions giving a first semantic meaning. Moreover, ILM will be enriched and improved to give to pilots of DQM platform the possibility to have real time information monitoring each module advance.

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