Project progress report video


Exciting Update: DAT4.Zero new project progress report video unveiled

We are thrilled to share a brand-new video that provides an insightful look into the latest developments of our DAT4.Zero project, and we can’t wait to bring you up to speed on all our recent achievements.

The video opens with a brief introduction to the DAT4.Zero project, highlighting our core objectives and approaches. Before it dives into the heart of the matter – the project’s current status and a sneak peek into some of the major milestones we’ve reached thus far, such as:

  • 🖥️ Our website launch
  • 📚 Scientific Publications
  • 🗞️ News Articles
  • 🌐 Social Media
  • 🗓️ Events and Webinars
  • 🤝 General Assemblies

Watch the Video📽️

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