Data Management System: a cross-sectorial IIoT solution for digitally enhanced quality 


Stefano Borgia, 02/04/2024 

Seamless Integration

The integration of 4.0 tools and methods for ZDM into existing production environments faces big challenges in terms of data understanding, data reliability and data preparation for machinery and legacy systems. In this context, adequate support means that the data analyst does not need to have a technical background about the data sources in terms of data formats and structures. It should be possible to allow data analyses without knowing the details of the specific data sources. 

The aim at achieving a seamless integration of data as valuable information for diagnostics and prognostics functional to ZDM and quality 4.0 has been addressed by DAT4.ZERO project with Data Management System (DMS) software solution developed by Holonix Srl. 

Validation and demonstrations in various industrial sectors

DMS consists of an IIoT data-sharing infrastructure enabling automatic data collection, data integration for 4.0 frameworks (such as AI, analytics, digital twin) using interoperability methods, and communication among more software & hardware modules. Laying its foundations on a microservices-based architecture, it performs big-data management by providing capabilities for edge-based processing, long term time-based data storage and data streaming to support reactive data processing and application integration, ensuring the proper level of security. 

End users of the project – i.e., the first adopters – have fully validated and demonstrated the proposed solution by deploying and adopting it in relation to data management needs in their own industrial sectors (automotive, machinery, manufacturing of customized microtubes and dental technology). 

For further info about Data Management System, please write to (Stefano Borgia, Holonix Srl). 

About Holonix SRL

Holonix is a private Italian company, specialised in ICT solutions for the manufacturing domain. The company has extensive experience in collecting, aggregating, analysing data from multiple sources and make them available for the development of a complete digital representation of the working environment, and for the monitoring, control and maintenance of the production assets.
In DAT4.Zero, Holonix will ensure the DQM platform development; Holonix tool, I-Like Machines (ILM), will be used in order to gather data from machines and from end user interactions giving a first semantic meaning. Moreover, ILM will be enriched and improved to give to pilots of DQM platform the possibility to have real time information monitoring each module advance.

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